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Visiting St. Luke's


Our worship creates space for a transcendent experience where we can experience God’s transforming, comforting, and challenging message of love. 

Intentional Worship

Centered around the celebration of the Holy Eucharist ("Communion"), our worship services ("liturgies")  are a time for gathering as God's beloved community. We hear Scripture, offer prayers for ourselves and our world, confess the ways we have collectively and individually distanced ourselves from God, and join our voices in song. Information and guidelines about the Sacraments of the Church can be found at this page.

The order of worship follows the Book of Common Prayer, first written in 1549. The Scripture readings for each Sunday follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which uses the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Sometimes we draw from other more contemporary resources such as Enriching Our Worship with musical selections from Lift Every Voice and Sing, Hymns Ancient and Modern, Wonder, Love, and Praise, and others to supplement the Hymnal 1982. 

The rich liturgies in the Episcopal tradition are intended to draw us into the grace, glory, and mystery of God. They encourage a deep experience of God's love for us, which was made known in Jesus Christ and is made present through the Holy Spirit.


Our members are always delighted to help guide guests through worship and our bulletins are designed to give you the information needed to fully participate in worship at your comfort level. Our congregation is made up of long-time Episcopalians as well as those with a background in other denominations or no religious background at all. 

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