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Capital Campaign 


We are currently in the payment phase of our campaign. . The new HVAC system was installed in 2018 and refinements continued into 2019.

Click here to view a parish-wide presentation about the campaign's scope.


Click here to read the summary of the Feasibility Study, conducted by our consultant, Nick Sollog.


Click here to read the summary of the Discernment Phase.

Capital Campaign Committee Members:

Stewart Ash, Father Robert Black, Reg Boland, Bethany Fortner, Cathy Green, Edward Norvell (Committee Co-Chair), Greg Shields (Communications Chair) Georgia Simons, Matt Storey, Karen Setliff, Joe Trainor (Committee Co-Chair)

For campaign ideas or questions:

All contributions to the Every Gift Matters Capital Campaign continue to be welcome and appreciated.


Campaign Prayer:

Loving and sustaining God, we thank you for your abundant generosity to us and to St. Luke’s through the years. Help us to demonstrate our awareness of and gratitude for your bountiful grace through our commitment to this effort to raise the capital to make this space comfortable as we as we gather in fellowship to worship you; and through our Children’s and Youth Ministry, to build the body of Christ by raising our children in the knowledge of you and your loving purposes, now and for generations to come. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ who taught us how to live in the abundance of your grace. Amen.  (written by Dora Mbuwayesango)

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